This year, Level 2 students produced 5 films as part of the Diploma programme. The films were screened together with the Thesis Films during the LASALLE SHOW 2012 / Picture Lock in the Screening Room from 27 May to 7 June 2012.


1. Behind Closed Door

Screenwriter & Director: Francesca Patry

Producer: Siddharth Sanjay Kumar

Cinematographer: Januardy Wijaya

Production Designer: Simon Hagene

Editor: Tan Song Yeow

Olive is a 16-year old girl who lives with her 13-year old introverted brother, Jax in an often empty yet lavish home. Their mother, Claire, is a talk show host therapist who caters to her patients through their calls. Olive seeks a connection to her mother through her television show by calling in and pretending to be a different person.


2. Double Happiness

Screenwriter & Director: Wu Linfeng

Producer: Song Ying

Cinematographer: Gui Shan Shan

Editor: Song Ying

Location Sound: Jesmen Tan and Wang Yi

Chu Chu, is a Chinese girl who was adopted by a Chinese couple when she was 3-years old comes to Singapore looking for her biological mother. After being fired by her racist boss in a coffeeshop, she goes to a funeral to find her biological mother who is a crier. At this moment, she receives a phone call from home.


3. Furnish

Screenwriter & Director: Kevin Yeoh

Producer: Khusoiry Misuary

Cinematographer: Simon Hagene

Editor: Vicotria Tay

Production Designer: Benjamin Byrne

Late in his 50s, Wilson is an introverted furniture shop owner who is still mourning the death of his late wife. Vera, on the other hand is a widow in her late 40s who has been quietly harbouring a crush on Wilson for the longest time.


4. Lotto

Screenwriter:  Khairal Fazil

Producer: Januardy Wijaya

Director: Sharain Mohd Marican

Cinematographer: Muhammad Nur Ikhwan Rosle

Editor: Muhamad Zulkefli

Production Designer: Chen Huijing Widya Melati Johan

A beggar named Daeng comes into possession of a winning lottery ticket. Now with his new found wealth, he goes through a series of events and decisions which test his morals and humanity.


5. Polling Day

Screenwriter: Shane Mok

Producer: Jessleen Loy

Director: Jemen Tan

Cinematographer: Alvin Tan

Editor: Jesmond Lim

Production Designer: Ho Wei Joey

In the thick of the election fever, Gregory Au is seeking his first job fresh out of university. However, he finds that he has to compete with foreigners for what few jobs around. Upset with the way his life has turned out, he turns his resentment towards the government and his father, resulted in a heated confrontation.