The 2012 Avant Premiere was held on Tuesday, 22 May at The Cathay. This was an industry showcase of the graduating films from the batch of 2012. Here is the trailer of all 8 films (Cluster, Flutter, Kasambahay, Marionette’s Song, Kasih, That’s Wicked, Together and The Fountains).


And, presenting….. the 8 Thesis Films from 21 BA (Hons) Film students…..

1. Cluster

Screenwriter: Jeremy Chua

Producer: Siti Syaherah Aleem

Director: Mads Karlsen Baekkevold

Cinematographer: Valentin Milou

Editor: Mads Karlsen Baekkevold and Valentin Milou

Location Sound: Hsieh Wen Piao

Art Director: Simon Hagene

Cluster tells the story of five strangers, trapped together inside their apartment complex’ bomb shelter after an unexplained apocalypse renders the outside world uninhabitable and deadly. As time runs out, and the toxic threat is apparent to all, what the characters chiefly have to deal with is each other. Typically, they waste no time turning against their neighbours, exposing the ugliness of man in their claustrophobic prison.


2. Flutter

Screenwriter, Director, Editor, Sound Designer: Sivaraj Pragasm

Co-Writer: Amalina Binhan

Producer and Production Designer: Jeremy Chua

Cinematographer: Daryl Nah

Sound Recordist: Susanna Soon

Art Director: Victoria Tay

Set in modern day Singapore, Flutter, is a psychological drama of a photographer’s spiral into a blurred reality in his quest to unravel the mystery of a girl who begins to manifest in his photographs.


3. Kasambahay

Screenwriter, Director and Editor: Ted Patrick Boglosa

Producer: Amalina Binhan

Kasambahay is a short portrait on Genelyn, a Filipino maid working for a family in Singapore. A mother, wife, and a maid – Genelyn enjoys her job, reaping the benefits of the nation’s rich economy while making a conscious sacrifice of being away from home.


4. Kasih

Screenwriter and Producer: Chermin Teo

Director: Mildred Chia

Cinematographer & Editor: Cho Yeijin

Location Sound: Susanna Soon

Art Director: Yang Ke Liang

In Kasih, Farhan is a hardworking and responsible husband and son-in-law. A Malay Muslim, he is estranged from his family after marrying a Chinese and a non-Muslim woman. When his Chinese mother-in-law who has never accepted him is suddenly diagnosed with the last stage of brain cancer, will Farhan ever be part of the only family he has, before it is too late?


5. Marionette’s Song

Screenwriter, Director and Editor: Natasha Rathod

Producer: Amalina Binhan

Camera Operators: Cho Yeijin and Prabhal Dayal

Sound Designer: Shatrunjai Rai Dewan

Marionette Song is a poetic documentary that observes and perceives the fate of Singaporeans caught up in the ceaseless rat race of urbanisation and the innate need to hold on to things for the fear of losing out. The subject is conceived through the eyes of the filmmaker who was born in the city, lived abroad and returned to a Singapore that greets her like an old lover.


6. That’s Wicked

Screenwriter, Director, Editor: Joy Lee

Producer: Chermin Teo

Cinematographer: Valentin Milou

That’s Wicked! features fifteen year old Martin Tang who unlike youth his age, is passionate about beat-boxing. Given his age and the invisibility of this subculture, audiences will be amazed at his flair for beat boxing and what beat-boxing means to a small fraction of Singapore youth.


7. Together

Screenwriter and Director: Naveen Varma

Producer: Amalina Binhan

Cinematographer: Isnor Jaafar

Location Sound: Hsieh Wen Piao

In Together, three brothers reunite at their father’s funeral. They have received one clue (part of a Chinese character), which will lead them to a treasure from him. Are they able to put their differences aside and work together to find the treasure?


8. The Fountains

Screenwriter: Hsieh Wen Piao

Producer & Production Designer: Yeo Ke Liang

Director: William Liew

Cinematographer: Nicholas Anthony Lim

Location Sound: Susanna Soon

Editor: Diana Tang

In The Fountains, years after the loss of their only daughter, Emma, to an accident, Ron and Tricia Fountains receives a wedding invitation that falls on the same day as Emma’s death anniversary. As the past begins to surface and the pain of loss overwhelms, The Fountains have to learn to cope with the death of their daughter to seek a closure and move on in life.