In late October, alumni Nooraini Shah, Chua Seng Yew and Anwar Wu took away 1st runner-up price in the Best Film Category as well as Best Acting Ensemble at the prestigious Vasantham Short Film Competition 2012!


The short Film, Vidiyal: Idea & Synopsis

For the team, the given theme brought to mind the idea of life, with its mix of varied emotions and experiences. Good or bad, in retrospect, life would not be complete without its endemic highs and lows. Vidiyal thus seeks to depict how grief and happiness can only be appreciated in relation to one another and that grief could actually pave the way for a stronger and fulfilling life.

The synopsis of the film is as follows:

Anjalai is an endearing elderly lady who has learnt much from her life experiences. She runs a vegetable stall at the neighbourhood market and is always ready to lend a listening ear and share her wisdom with those who come to her.

One day, Anjalai learns about the death of a fellow stallholder. His wife had passed on three years ago and now his only child, Kayalvizhi, was left without any kin or kith. Having experienced loss herself, she is saddened by Kayal’s state and reaches out to her when Kayal comes to check on her late father’s stall. Kayal, being emotionally drained does not say much in return and leaves after bidding Anjalai a hasty goodbye.

A few days later, Kayal receives a missed call. She checks her voice message and learns that she has been offered the job position that she had interviewed for on the day of her father’s death. She is then notified about another voice message that had been received earlier. She plays the message and is shocked to hear her father’s voice. He had left the message on the day of her interview, encouraging her to do well. The reality of her father’s death finally sets in and Kayal breaks down.

The next day, remembering Anjalai’s words of encouragement, she goes to meet her at her stall. She confides in Anjalai about not being able to accept her father’s death. Anjalai explains that life is never without difficulties or sadness and that times of trouble provide opportunities for fostering strength and hope. She tells Kayal that she is young and has much to live for and that she would need to accept her father’s death and decide on how she will move on.

Early one morning, Anjalai arrives at her stall and is pleasantly surprised to find Kayal at her late father’s stall, serving a customer. She smiles knowingly at Kayal.

Nooraini Shah and Chua Seng Yew with cast and crew at the award ceremony of the Vasantham Short Film Competition 2012


The Creative Team

Nooraini Shah Sikkander (Director, Editor & Producer) [PSOF alumnus]

Nageshwari Bernard M. (Writer & Co-Director)

Chua Seng Yew (Director of Photography) [PSOF alumnus]

Anwar Wu (Sound) [PSOF alumnus]

Bao Shun (Gaffer)

Ikhwan  (Gaffer)

Ibrahim Sulaiman (Production Manager)

Congratulations to all – you continue to make the school proud in your endeavours!