This year, our Level 2 students produced 5 films as part of their final year 2 group film projects. The films will be screened together with the Thesis Films during the LASALLE SHOW / Picture Lock 2013  in the Screening Room from 24 May to 6 June 2013.


1. Ink

Alyssa and her father are not like other fathers and daughters. While most fathers tuck their daughters into bed, Alyssa’s father creeps into hers. She hides her secret by imprinting a mark on her body each time he touches her. Ink is a story about acceptance and the realistic look at the skeletons in each family’s closet.


Screenwriter: Fonteyn Ang

Producer: Jolinna Ang

Director: Zandra Rosabel Mowe

Director of Photography: Albert Mok

Editor: Naomi Gu



2. Journey Home

The Journey Home is about family bonding, a reminder to audiences about the importance of a home and how we should cherish everything before it is too late, regardless of what challenges we are facing. The story revolves around Michelle, who is born in Singapore, but at a young age of nine, she is forced to migrate overseas with her family. In an effort to escape the new environment, Michelle decides to come back to Singapore for a break to stay with her aunt and cousin whom she was closer with, than of her own family. Through instances of a happy family of her cousin, Michelle reflects on her own family relationship. The near loss of Michelle’s aunt from a stroke, who is like a ‘second mother’ to her, makes Michelle realise the term ‘family’.


Screenwriter: Geraldine Chiang

Producer: Khoo Yun

Director: Zulkifli Salleh

Director of Photography: Glenn Ong Min Chyan

Editor: Ainin Sofiya Ahmad



3. I Dream Not

Matty, a twenty something college student is paranoid and superstitious. His roommate Lucas takes advantage of his naivety and plays a prank on him, telling him that Matty died in his dream. Matty takes Lucas’ joke as truth and goes about the whole day wary and cautious, believing that Lucas’ dream will come true. Throughout the entire day, Matty scrutinises everything that happens to him which eventually leads him to a kooky psychic, Macarena Baba who is determined to milk Matty of his money. Matty’s naivety and paranoia results in a journey that will surely bring laughs and thrills to the audience.


Screenwriter: Gunjan Chawla

Producer: Fonteyn Ang

Director: Prabhhal Dayal

Director of Photography: Jolinna Ang




4. The Snow Man

As a child, Derek has always dreamt of going to a magical place called Winter Wonderland, where he could play with snow. With his little snowman piggy bank growing day-by-day, little Derek holds his dream close to his heart. With his mother gone, those memories are eventually tucked away as he grows up into a responsible and hardworking young man. An unprecedented news report of bizarre weather ahead sparks Derek’s interest and an opportunity to rekindle his fond memory arises. Always doing things by the book, Derek defies his nature for the first time and is determined to make it snow. Will Derek succeed in creating what he wished he could have experienced years ago?


Screenwriter: Vanessa Sim

Producer: Charlene Chung

Director: Vanessa Sim

Director of Photography: Ego Farizy

Sound: Glenn Ong

Production Design: Ainin Sofiya Ahmad

Editor: Mohd Faiz Ali


5. Alcoholics Synonymous

Michael Morgan is a troubled salaryman who has just won an all-night free refill on liquid comfort. Courtesy of an enigmatic bartender, Yasigi, the inebriated gentleman is faced with some tricky questions that find their way to certain entertaining memories from his past… right until he hits upon the very root of his destructive addiction. A life-affirming tale about the nature of addictions and the beliefs that propagate them, Alcoholics Synonymous is crafted to captivate diverse audiences with its refreshing cocktail of dark comedy, drama, and even dance.


Screenwriter: Sharavana Rama

Producer: Gunjan Chawla

Director: Sharavana Rama

Director of Photography: Lee Wenxian

Editor: Thais Breton