It’s one of the most exciting moments of the academic calendar and the year end is always a mixed bag of emotions. After three years of arduous work at the film school, the BA (Hons) Film students’ graduation showcase comes in the form of 1) the industry night – Avant Premiere held successfully this year at The Cathay on 20 May 2013 as well as 2) the LASALLE Show which spans over 2 weeks from 24 May to 6 June 2013 college-wide at LASALLE. These 23 students have dedicated three years to the path of pursuing their goals towards becoming storytellers for the screen.While their journey at the film school is bookended with their graduating films, we wish them the very best in their future filmmaking endeavours!

Our Avant Premiere 2013 trailer of the Thesis Films….


And, here are the individual trailers of the graduating films from the Class of 2013….. To watch the films, join us at the LASALLE Show / Picture Lock ’13 at Block F, Level 2, The Screening Room (F208) at LASALLE College of the Arts, Singapore.


An embalmer and dead bodies converse about the interpretation of space between the complexities of the living and the dead through a monologue.
Director: Nurkhuzaimah Abdul Wahab
Producer: Victoria Stephanie Tay
Director of Photography: Shane Mok and Nurkhuzaimah Abdul Wahab
Editor: Shane Mok
Sound Recordist: Joey Ho

When the troubled 16-year old Robin tries to help a younger boy from some bullies at school, his violent actions only gets worse as it leads him further into the reality he wishes to get away from. The people who are supposed to help him keep ignoring the truth behind his actions. Surprisingly, it is through the bullied boy Robin will discover the key to survive in the silence.
Screenwriter: Simon Hagene
Producer: Siddharth Sanjay Kumar
Director: Jesmen Tan
Director of Photography: Kevin Yeoh
Editor: Hayashida Ken
Sound Recordist: Wu Linfeng
Production Designer: Arshia Mehta

In a modest community centre, tucked away in an unassuming function room, a group of nimble and lively seniors gather every Saturday to sing and pay tribute to their idol, the Western King of Country, Elvis Presley. The Kings thus follows three of the group’s most notorious impersonators, Jega Theesan, Jimmy Lee and Nelson Ooi as they sew their outfits, practice and prepare for their group’s biggest event of the year, the Annual Elvis Death Anniversary. With plenty of Presleys on parade, which one of them is the best Elvis? With the group’s average age of 60 years old, ‘The Kings’ is an alternative look into Singapore’s aging society. Using music as a medium of interest, The Kings explores the hopes and fears of these baby-boomers, grown up. What is the next chapter for them? Three different journeys, three different Kings, with one united interest.
Writer & Director: Victoria Stephanie Tay
Producer: Jesmen Tan
Director of Photography: Nurkhuzaimah Abdul Wahab
Editor & Sound Recordist: Joey Ho
4. Ang Paglalakbay (The Journey)

Ang Paglalakbay (The Journey) is a poetic essay film that tells the story of one overseas foreign worker’s journey of running away from his problems and leaving home in search for a better life only to find out that the grass isn’t always greener on the other side.
Director: Juan Paulo Reyes
Producer: Arshia Mehta
Editor: Vidur Bhagat

Sam is given a rather unusual assignment for her final year internship- to design a website for an old folks home.  At 19 years of age, Sam has a spirited and larger than life personality, but still retains the impulsiveness and naiveté of a growing adult.  Not a passive person by nature, she takes heavily after the character of her strong-willed and independent widowed mother.

She approaches the thought of working in an old folks home for two months with some apprehension- all of her grandparents passed away early on.  While working there, she comes face-to-face with the realties of an aging generation, and befriends a lonely old man who folds origami. Unable to understand why one would abandon one’s parent, she acts on her accord to seek out his family, in the naïve hope of bringing them together.

Screenwriter: Shane Mok

Producer: Arshia Mehta

Director: Francesca Patry

Director of Photography: Januardy Wijaya

Editor: Hayashida Ken & Francesca Patry

Sound Recordist: Joey Ho

Production Designer: Victoria Stephanie Tay


Currently in his mid 70s, Leong Kam Choon shares a 1-room flat with 2 other flatmates. Without any kin around to help take care of him, he still manages to get by every day with a smile on his face. Friends and neighbours that pop by the house liven up his life, and provide the warmth and care in place of his family.
Writer, Director & Sound Recordist: Jessleen Loy
Producer: Song Ying
Director of Photography: Gui Shan Shan
Editor: Hayashida Ken

A young Chinese man comes to Singapore for the first time and rents an apartment with a sex worker. When they become friends, the man reveals that he is a smuggler and wants to make quick money then head back home to start a new life. The sex worker also shares the same hope of going home after making enough money. They both picture themselves as tightrope walkers, surrounded by fears but pushing by hope. Two tightrope walkers, but one will fall.
Screenwriter & Director: Wu Linfeng
Producer & Editor: Song Ying
Director of Photography: Gui Shan Shan
Sound Recordist: Jesmen Tan
Production Designer: Jessleen Loy

When the enigmatic and aloof Roy steps into the poverty-stricken world of his ex-convict father, for the first time- he is a prized trophy. But when he has to quickly adapt to this abrupt and awkward reunion while enduring the pinning down of ruthless routine bullying in school, he is a ticking time bomb, ready to go off at any moment. Though Roy idolises his father’s competency that revolves around the art of barbering; a family heirloom left behind by his late grandfather in the old apartment, something always seems to come between them. Perhaps it is his father’s vicious bouts of tough love, paranoia and anxiety to conceal a shady past and yet give him a decent life. On the contrary, perhaps it is Roy’s teenage angst that keeps him wanting to prove his worth to his father so as to achieve a sense of security.

This kind of rage helps to trap him in the imaginary world he creates in his journal but in real life, he winds up in the ‘ring’ all alone. Unable to understand the weight of his father’s words after a tenacious brush off, Roy plunges deeper into his grief. Raheem comes face-to-face with redemption and writes his son a smile. Clouded by his father’s past savage realm of life, will a young boy’s battle against his own identity make him triumph over the indigenous callous shady world, which stubbornly surrounds his father or will this father and son story upholds the everlasting Malay folklore  – “ A spotted father begets a speckled son.”

Screenwriter & Director of Photography: Endra Jamil

Producer: Khusoiry Misuary

Director: Sharain Mohd

Editors: Vidur Bhagat & Sharain Mohd

Sound Recordist: Siddharth Sanjay Kumar

Production Designer: Widya Chen