For the graduating class of the BA (Hons) Film, their three-year commitment to learning will culminate in their short films being screened as part of the end-of-the-academic-year graduating showcase that is – The LASALLE Show 2014 which opens this evening. While these 26 film students have done so much more than these works on display, what is significant about this event is that for these aspiring filmmakers, their journey into the big world has just begun.

To watch these films, join us at the The LASALLE Show / Picture Lock ’14 at Block F, Level 2, The Screening Room (F208) at LASALLE College of the Arts, Singapore from 23 June to 4 May. Screening will be at 12 and 7pm daily. Be sure to also watch individual student showreels at The Flexi Space on the ground level.

In the meantime, it is with swelling pride that The Puttnam School of Film BA (Hons) Film presents the trailers of the 11 graduating films from the class of 2014…..

1. Blind Faith

Julian Chia a tattoo artists talks about the motivation behind his work and the reason for him to keep doing what he loves despite the stereotypes. Blind Faith will not explore the aspect of how and where his passion comes from, instead we will jump right into how he gets his motivation and drive to work his craft at optimum level.

Producer: Khoo Yun

Director: Sonny Koh Wei Hong

Cinematographer: Wang Yi

Editor: Jared Arnold


2. Cheena Manaivi

Cheena Manaivi is showing to what extent one would compromise and give in to a different racial and religious culture as well as finding an identity within. Cheena Manaivi is about an interracial family-of an Indian and Chinese marriage, although being married for close to fifteen years now, there are still people who refuse to accept them as one, and to love them for whom they are.

Producer and Director: Charlene Chung

Cinematographer: Lee Wenxian

Editor: Wilson Tan


3. Family Recipe

Leaving behind a legacy of hand written recipes and cooking journals after her death in the early millennium of 2001, Celia Kang’s cooking had been loved by many and always had a reputation for bringing people together by cooking up a storm. Having her archives recovered twelve years later, Celia Kang’s recipes and family’s heritage will be brought to life through this documentary directed by her youngest daughter, Vannesa Sim. Through the roots of this family, this documentary journeys through the footprints of Celia Kang’s life.

Producer & Director: Vannesa Sim Liqing

Cinematographer: Albert Mok

Editor: Thais Breton


4. Farewell Summer

Han looks forward to a month-long of daydreaming and a short holiday trip just like his peers, to celebrate his birthday after he is finally done with his year-end exams. However he is in for another ride when he learns that his ailing grandmother would be staying with them indefinitely and causes the small family to deal with the plans that awaits them instead of the ones they have in mind.

Producer: Vannesa Sim Liqing

Writer & Director: Wilson Tan

Co-writer: Meri Tjahaja

Cinematographer: Jolinna Ang

1st Assistant Director: Fonteyn Ang

Sound Mixer: Cheryl Goh

Production Designer: Wang Yi

Editor: Jared Arnold


5. Gone Fishing

Wenjie, a 16-year old secondary school boy is continuously bullied at home and school. When he finally gains confidence and solitude in an unlikely friendship forged with an outcast of society, his perseverance is tested.

Producer: Zulkifli Salleh

Writer & Cinematographer: Lee Wenxian

Co-writer & Director: Dharfianto

1st Assistant Director: Fonteyn Ang

Sound Mixer: Naomi Gunawan

Art Director: Wang Yi

Editor: Albert Mok


6. Majulah

What meaning do words like ‘bahagia’, ‘mulia’ and ‘berjaya’ have on our lives, if at all? A celebration of unique contradictions and a search for a meaningful belonging in a small island encircled by a global presence, Majulah has some answers in this short documentary about our people and progress.

Producer: Khoo Yun

Director & Editor: Sharavana Rama

Cinematographer: Glenn Ong


7. My Culture

They find baggy clothing cool, their parents hate it; they love hip-hop but their parents disapprove of the vulgar lyrics it is associated to. Will they ever find something in common? My Culture is a documentary about Nas and Jin’s decade long pursuit of their passion in hip-hop music as they seek a balance between their adopted culture, hip-hop and their own culture.

Producer & Director: Zulkifli Salleh

Cinematographer: Syahrir Ego Farizy

Editor: Meri Tjahaja


8. Something Universal

Manoj is a simple man from a small city in the state of Uttar Pradesh in India. He wins a short trip to Singapore, which he mistakes to be “Singapur”, never having heard of Singapore. Apart from the cultural shock that he is met with, Manoj also meets with a case of mistaken identity for a personal Hindi teacher by a Chinese Singaporean man, Xin Hway, who he also mistakes to be his tour guide. Having very little knowledge of the English language, Manoj, fails to understand his own mistaken identity, let alone correct it. Unintentionally teaching Hindi to a willing Chinese man, Manoj ends up having an extraordinary trip to ”Singapur” and finding something universal.

Producer: Charlene Chung

Writer: Gunjan Chawla

Director: Prabhhal Dayal

Cinematographer: Syahrir Ego Farizy

1st Assistant Director:Zulkifli Salleh

Sound Mixer: Cheryl Goh

Production Designer: Catherine Tang

Editor: Zandra Mowe

Co-editors: Prabhhal Dayal & Syahrir Ego Farizy


9. Seed

Two teenagers, Ryan and Min find themselves facing an issue many would not dare announce, unplanned pregnancy. Ryan, reserved and serious, contemplates his options without consulting his strict family or friends. On the other hand, Min, honest and lonely, shows more desire to have the child. With this in mind, Ryan is unable to express his true feelings to her until he gets accepted into university. He wants her to abort the baby.

Producer: Prabhhal Dayal

Writer: Fonteyn Ang

Director: Zandra Mowe

Cinematographer: Albert Mok

Sound Mixer: Jolinna Ang

Production Designer: Shevon Lim

Editor: Naomi Gunawan


10. The Ark of Hope

The Ark of Hope is a short observational documentary that follows the spare hours of Ms Lynda Goh, a regular full time employee, who is also a volunteer at Noah’s Ark Natural Animal Sanctuary (NANAS, Malaysia), mainly during the weekend. Through her love and passion for animals, her spare-hour routine brings us to understand beyond the surface of her character to deeper scale, as well as social welfare she is dealing with.

Producer & Director: Khoo Yun

Cinematographer: Cheryl Goh

Editor: Naomi Gunawan


11. The Collectors

The Collectors explores the relationship between three individuals affected by the disease of Alzheimer’s and their children, caught in a race to gather as many memories they can before it is too late. Their stories echo on the stones of the rare places left in Singapore to be imprinted with a past. A parallel is formed between an individual fright of memories loss, and a collective amnesia provoked by a local race to thrive in modernity.

Producer: Vannesa Sim Liqing

Director & Editor: Thais Breton

Cinematographer: Jolinna Ang


Be sure not to miss these films. See you at the LASALLE Show 2014!